Some links of interest about Flo Menezes:

"Caminho como perda ” ("Path as loss”; published on December 22, 2021) - Review published in Revista Cult by Alessandra Affortunati Martins of the book A potência das fendas, by Flo Menezes and Vladimir Safatle:

"Um dueto para pensar com os ouvidos” ("A duet to think with your ears”; published in the 3rd issue of volume 4 of Revista Rosa on December 20, 2021) - Review by Jorge de Almeida of the book A potência das fendas, by Flo Menezes and Vladimir Safatle, São Paulo, n-1, 2021:

Flo Menezes’ voice on Wikipedia, probably published by someone from Portugal:

Flo Menezes on Google Scholars:

Flo Menezes’ works in the Documentation on electroacoustic music of the Technische Universität Berlin:

Biography at IRCAM’s site:

Excerpt of Profils écartelés at the site of the Cologne Studio:

His text from 1994 about Luciano Berio in the "Mitteilungen der Paul Sacher Stiftung" in Basle:

Report about the Prix Ars Electronica (1995) for his piece Parcours de l’Entité:

Report about the Premio Luigi Russolo (1996) for his piece A Viagem sobre os Grãos:

His historical analytical essay (in Portuguese) of the 80ties on the 6 Bagatellen Op. 9 by Anton Webern, titled "Micro-macrodirecionalidade in WEBERG", firstly published by Atravez:

Report by Suzanne Stephens about his participation as professor of analysis at the Stockhausen-Kurse in Kürten, Germany:

Participation as guest composer and musicologist at the Cologne series Komposition und Musikwissenschaft im Dialog:

Report about the world première of his piece Pulsares at the Walt Disney Hall (RedCat) in Los Angeles in its inaugural month on November 2003:

His lecture from 2004 (in Portuguese) on his life and work at the Centro Cultural São Paulo (as PDF file inside the menu "música brasileira contemporânea 1"):

One hour broadcast with Flo Menezes about his works and thoughts on music on May 2004 at Rádio Cultura FM, São Paulo (edited by Arrigo Barnabé; in Portuguese):

Report about the Giga-Hertz-Preis (2007) for his piece La Novità del Suono:

His article (in Portuguese) about the relationship between music and physics:

Reference on his article (in German) about Luciano Berio in the Musik-Konzepte series:

Interview (in Portuguese) with Flo Menezes at Trópico/UOL site:,1.shl

His article (in Portuguese) about the death of Karlheinz Stockhausen at Trópico/UOL site:,1.shl

Reference on his article (in French) about the electroacoustic music in Brazil in the Revue Circuit of Montreal, Canada:

Interview (in Portuguese) with Flo Menezes at the blog of the Brazilian Prize “Prêmio Cultural Sergio Motta”:

His essay (in English) titled " means(,) old meanings...", presented as lecture at the EMS'09 in Buenos Aires, Argentine, in May 2009:

Interview (in Portuguese) with Flo Menezes about Kontra-Punkte by Stockhausen:

Interview (in Portuguese) with Flo Menezes about his ideas and his aesthetical approach:

Interview (in Portuguese) with Flo Menezes about his ideas and his aesthetical approach given to Raquel Setz:

Article of the State University of São Paulo (Unesp) paying homage to the 50th birthday of Flo Menezes on April 2012:

Radio broadcasting in 2012, edited by Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso at Rádio MEC FM, Brazil, in homage to the 50th anniversary of Flo Menezes, with interviews with the composer on his electroacoustic music on following dates:

April 5, 12, 19 and 26;
May 3, 10 and 17.

Video internet interview (in two parts: 24' + 28'30") given in Portuguese by Flo Menezes to Leandro Gardini on December 3, 2012, to the UOL-TV, titled: "Flo Menezes em defesa da música radical":

Recension of Helen Gallo in Portugal about his book Matemática dos Afetos – Tratado de (Re)composição Musical:

His text from 2014 about the relationship between the composer's body and his/her sounds:

An interview to João Rizek for his site "Arte Conceituando" on September 1stm 2015, where Flo Menezes talks about his musical ideas:

Notice about Flo Menezes in Spotify through the CMMAS of Morelia, Mexico.

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