MPSP – a powerful tool for the composition of spatial trajectories by Flo Menezes

After many years of working in the fields of electroacoustic music I decided to construct a powerful megapatch in Max/MSP for spatialization of sounds, since spatiality is one of the most important aspects of electroacoustic composition and of my music in particular.

MPSP stays for MusicPanSPace, the patch/application developed by me at Studio PANaroma in the beginning of 2009. This first version, still valid, was compiled with Max/MSP 6.

This tool should allow the composer to spatially organize until 8 mono sound sources simultaneously in space, depending on the CPU of your computer, either through manual design of individual trajectories or using geometric, individually automated figures.

Even if conceived for composition at studio, nothing avoids the user to combine the potentialities of MPSP with more complex sound diffusion systems consisting of more than 8 loudspeakers and to use MPSP for live electroacoustic sound diffusion as well.

From 2014 on, with the support of FAPESP, I developed new concepts for the MPSP, and in the end 2015 and beginning of 2016, I worked in collaboration with André Perrotta to conceive the newest, tridimensional version of the MPSP, a totally revolutionary software with which one can define "ad libitum" the number of loudspeakers as well as their exact place in the tridimensional space, defining the sound trajectories with mathematical precision and - last but not least - with a very intuitive way to elaborate them!

Speculation is the right path to invention! Feel free to download this program and let me know if you work well with it!

Flo Menezes

Download the first version of the MPSP
(for Mac; ideally for 17" screen monitors; compressed in 16.5 MB)

Download the tridimensional MPSP 2016
(for Mac; compressed in 151,7 MB)

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