Recent and upcoming concerts

In recent times there were several concerts with works by Flo Menezes, including orchestral works and his NeutriOpera, Ritos de Perpassagem, that revolutionized the traditional concept of opera and was premiered in September 2019 in São Paulo, at the Theatro São Pedro.

Another important première was that one of TransLieder, Menezes's "transcriations" of some Lieder by Brahms, with two new blocks for orchestra.

Still in the orchestral domain, Grand écart for string orchestra will have its North-American première with the Steattle Symphony in 21 February, 2020.

In January 2020, Flo Menezes composed a new acousmatic piece for 16 channels: Hymnus – il cielo andrà verso il fondo, a radical work based on a poem by Ianomami about the end of the world and on "Hymnen" of the left wings: the International, the song "El pueblo unido jamás será vencido", de slogan "Ele Não!" against the extreme-right government of Brazil, the Italian "Bella Ciao" against fascism and the voice of Leon Trotsky. The piece belongs to the acousmatic cycle Ciclo das Errâncias lasting about 1 hour.

Next June, the XIII BIMESP 2020 will take place.

Besides that, concerts with music by Flo Menezes are programed in Portugal, Sweden etc.

Recordings / internet releases

Many are the internet publicstions with video and recordings of Flo Menezres' music in the last months in his Youtube Channel.

Specially about Ritos de Perpassagem, there will be many viedo-drops in VR (virtual reality, 360 degrees) and the full Opera at the internet.


Among many radio broadcasts, articles and other theoretical issues, we notice here the publication in Italian, by the Einaudi, of the conversation between Flo Menezes and Luciano Berio about Berio's electroacoustic piece Visage, which took place in Salzburg in 1989.

The new book by Flo Menezes, Riscos sobre Música, cab be downloaded in free digital format in the site of Editora Unesp, as described in >books and articles.


Recently, in November 2019, Flo Menezes organized a two-days homage to the memory of the Belgian composer Henri Pousseur in São Paulo.

In June 2020 Flo Menezes organizes the XIII BIMESP 2020, and, in November, a political and artistic event: the II Encontro Internacional Leon Trotsky in São Paulo.


The DVD by Flo Menezes with works of him, the first surround recording of Anthèmes 2 by Pierre Boulez, and with some orks of other composers was awarded the Prêmio Concerto as the most important Brazilian audio production in 2016 and was also finalist of the BRAVO! Award, both in São Paulo.

The Opera Ritos de Perpassagem was indicated by the Brazilian critics as one of the most significant musical events in Brazil during 2019.

Recently on this site

There are many new recent professional recordings of the compositions by Flo Menezes, many links to his music at his Youtube Channel, many new photos....

Last but not least, after some years the page of the Studio PANaroma was finally updated!

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