Recent and upcoming concerts

In recent times there were several concerts with works by Flo Menezes, including orchestral works.

Last November 2015 there was the world première of Grand écart for string orchestra in São Paulo, where in May 2016 his orchestral piece laçoentrelaço was performed in the same concert hall: Sala São Paulo.

On November 4th, 5th and 6th, 2015, Flo Menezes organized the Fórum-IRCAM "Hors les Murs" in São Paulo, which happened at the Studio PANaroma, supported by the IRCAM and the French Gouvernement. In this event his piece TransScriptio was played together with Anthèmes 2 by Boulez.

In 2016, in October, there were the XI BIMESP 2016 (the International Biennial for Electroacoustic Music of São Paulo), with the visit of eminent composers: Horacio Vaggione, Åke Parmerud and the Tempo Reale studio (founded by Berio) represented by Francesco Giomi.

Besides that, on November 23th, 2016, there were finally be the world première, with enormous success, of his S(c)enario by the Percussions de Strasbourg, written as a commision of this ensemble and the German Experimentalstudio des SWR for the 50 years of this prestigious ensemble. The concert was reprised at the ZKM in Karlsruhe two days later.

Following these concerts, Flo Menezes presented his acousmatic piece Fond d'erreurs for the first time in Europe with the loudspeaker orchestra from The Acousmatic Project by Thomas Gorbach in St. Pölten, Austria, on November 26th, and after this concert he was invited as Guest Composer for 4 days in Poland.

In the middle of December, Flo Menezes made two concerts with some of his acousmatic pieces: Todos os Cantos, Motus in fine velocior and Fond d'erreurs with the Hydra electroacoustic diffusion system (40 loudspeakers) directed by Hans Tutschku at the Harvard University.

During 2017, besides a great number of events and concerts in Brazil, there were then the international concerts at the European festivals described in the Events below.


The OJE – Orquestra Jovem do Estado de São Paulo –, under the direction of Cláudio Cruz, recorded in 2017 a wonderful performance of the orchestral piece laçoentrelaço by Flo Menezes, together with works by Béla Bartók and Kodály.

In 2016, the OSESP – Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo –, considered the main orchestra in Brazil, recorded Flo Menezes' Grand écart, for string orchestra, in its digital label, for free download:

And in 2015, the First International Congress of Electroacoustic Music in Aveiro, Portugal, published its CD with Menezes' electroacoustic piece MetaScriptio.


Among many radio broadcasts, articles and other theoretical issues, we notice here the publication in Italian, by the Einaudi, of the conversation between Flo Menezes and Luciano Berio about Berio's electroacoustic piece Visage, which took place in Salzburg in 1989.


The most striking events to be noticed here are the International Conference about the Polish Electronic Studio in October 2017 in Lódz in Poland, where Flo Menezes held a lecture on the electroacoustic piece "Symphony" by Boguslaw Schäffer.

In July 2017 Flo Menezes held a masterclass on Composition at the main music festival in Brazil: the Fertival de Inverno de Campos do Jordão.

In April and Mai 2017, the Composer tokk part in some important festivals in Europe: at the SIME 2017 in Lille, France (Semaine de Internationale de Musique Électroacoutique); at the international Colloque organzied by Musique & Recherches in Brussels, with his lecture titled: "Processus sécondaire - la construction des trames d’espace"; and at the Monaco Électroacoustique 2017.

In 2017 the series of concerts of the Studio PANaroma, T-Son, arrived at its 100th concert! In this occasion, in October 2017, Flo Menezes organized a concert in homage to the 100th Years of the Russian Communist Revolution.


The DVD by Flo Menezes with works of him, the first surround recording of Anthèmes 2 by Pierre Boulez, and with some orks of other composers was awarded the Prêmio Concerto as the most important Brazilian audio production in 2016 and was also finalist of the BRAVO! Award, both in São Paulo.

Recently on this site

There are many new recent professional recordings of the compositions by Flo Menezes. Listen to the new recordings of following works:

Fond d'erreurs 2016
stereo reduction of this 16-channel acousmatic piece;

...donde solo las plantas suenan... 2015
a fantastic studio recording at the Studio PANaroma by the Italian harpist Paola Baron;

MetaScriptio 2015

PostScriptio 2014

laçoentrelaço 2013

Simultrans 2009-13

Contrafacta 2013
Flo Menezes conducting his work transcending Josquin Desprez;

TransScriptio 2013

Scriptio 2013
both pieces fantastically played by Cláudio Cruz and recorded at Studio PANaroma;

Grand Écart 2012
played the strings of the main Brazilian orchestra, the OSESP;

S(c)enario 2011-2012
the world première payed in Strassbourg by the extraordinaries Percussions de Strassbourg.

Under many documents, texts, links for download of works, links to watch to new video at Flo Menezes' Youtube channel, there are also new German broadcast on his music (Sendung at the Deutschlandfunk Kultur-Neue Musik), professional photos of the new buiding of the Studio PANaroma.

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