Compositions by Flo Menezes

[wp = world première]

In Memoriam Berg-Bartók


Collective Composition and Improvisation for ensemble and electronics based on the works of both composers.

Two voices, viola, trombone, two pianos and synthesizer.

ca. 16'

wp: on May 18, 1985, Anfiteatro da USP, São Paulo; III Semana da Composição of USP; Grupo Collecta de Música Coletiva Contemporânea conducted by Flo Menezes.

Live-recording of the world première in a radio broadcast of the Rádio Cultura (RTC) of São Paulo (41,6 MB)

Listen to this performance within this radio broadcast of Rádio Cultura FM about the "III Semama da Composição da USP" from May 1985 under lectures & (audio-)documents, where Flo Menezes (23 years old) spoke about this piece.

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