List of Compositions by Flo Menezes

Many scores of the works by Flo Menezes are distributed by Universal Edition, Vienna:

Click here to access all scores by Flo Menezes on UE (Universal Edition).

Other compositions are edited by his own edições flopan and, in this case, may be requested directly to the composer:

Important remark concerning multichannel pieces:
The stereo versions of the multichannel pieces (specially the acousmatic compositions) should be regarded as reduced versions of these works. We loose by listening to them, compared with the originals, as much as we loose looking to a portrait of someone instead of personally speaking to him/her. Nevertheless, they serve as an audio-documentation of these spatial compositions.


From 2020 to 2029

Zweige und Wurzel 2022
Piano, harp, marimba, mandolin, electric piano, harpsichord and accordion.

Cahier de sons 2020
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 8 channels).

Ciclo das Errâncias 2016-20
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 16 channels).

Omnia loca resonabant 2020
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 16 channels).

TransFormantes VII 2020
Flutes (one flutist) and double bass.

Hymnus – Il cielo andrà verso il fondo 2020
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 16 channels).


From 2010 to 2019

Ritos de Perpassagem 2018-19
NeutrinOpera for Narrator, 7 Solo Singers, Choir,
8 Percussionists, Orchestra and Electronics.

Mis3rere 2017
Flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and two percussionists.

TransLieder 2016-17
Soprano, alto and orchestra.

Fond d'erreurs 2016
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 16 channels).

...donde solo las plantas suenan... 2015
Harp and electronics.

MetaScriptio 2015
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 24 channels).

PostScriptio 2014
Concerto for violin and chamber orchestra.

labORAtorio senza parole 2014
Large orchestra.

laçoentrelaço 2013

Simultrans 2009-13
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 16 channels).

Contrafacta 2013
Brass quintet and live-electronics (ad libitum).

TransScriptio 2013
Violin and live-electronics.

Scriptio 2013

Grand écart 2012
Ballet for string orchestra.

TransFormantes VI 2012
Wind quintet.

S(c)enario 2011-2012
6 percussion players and electronics.

Gefäß des Geistes 2011

TransFormantes V – Poema das Vogais 2011
Youth choir (6 voices) a cappella.

O Farfalhar das Folhas 2010
1 flutist, 1 clarinetist, violin, violoncello, piano and live-electronics.


From 2000 to 2009

– Textural and Rhythmic Study for Percussion Ensemble
8 percussionists (34 membranes, large tam-tam and 8 small instruments) and conductor.

Motus in Fine Velocior
– In Memoriam Stockhausen
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 8 channels).

Retrato Falado das Paixões 2007-2008
Choir (32 voices) and live-electronics.

Traces 2007
String quartet and live-electronics.

Selva Illuminata 2006
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 8 channels).

Crase 2005-2006
Large orchestra and live-electronics.

La novità del suono 2006
Chamber orchestra (13 musicians and conductor) and live-electronics.

Quaderno 2005
Marimba and live-electronics.
Version for guitar and live-electronics: 2007.

Todos os Cantos 2004-2005
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 8 channels).

O Livro do Ver(e)dito 2004
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 8 channels).

– an Electroacoustic Oratorium
1991; 1995; 2003
Soprano, 5 voiced choir, large orchestra, electroacoustic sounds (4 channels) and live-electronics.

Mahler in Transgress 2002-2003
2 pianos and live-electronics.

L'Itinéraire des Résonances 2001
1 flutist, 2 percussion players, electroacoustic sounds (4 channels) and live-electronics.

Stream from Outer Space 2001
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 4 or 2 channels).

Colores (Phila: In Praesentia)
– an Electroacoustic Requiem in memoriam of Philadelpho Menezes
1 clarinetist (clarinet in B and bass clarinet in B), 1 percussion player, electroacoustic sounds (4 channels) and live-electronics.

Harmonia das Esferas 2000
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 8 channels).

Pulsares 1998-2000
1 pianist (piano, prepared piano, resonance piano, ring-modulated piano, virtual piano, harpsichord), chamber orchestra, electroacoustic sounds (4 channels) and live-electronics. (Total of 21 instruments).


Back to São Paulo (from 1992 to 1999)

TransFormantes IV 1998
Clarinet in B.

Sinfonias 1997-98
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 8 channels).

On the other hand... 1997
11 percussion players and 2 conductors.

TransFormantes III 1997
Vibraphone and live-electronics (optionally without electronics).

1 oboist (oboe, English horn, oboe d'amore), 2 percussion players (membrane percussion), electroacoustic sounds (4 channels) and live-electronics ad libitum.

A Viagem sobre os Grãos 1993-96
2 percussion players and electroacoustic sounds (2 channels).

Concenti – Sul Canto e il Bel Parlare 1995-96
5 voices or choir a cappella.

TransFormantes II 1995
Clarinet in B and piano.

Words in Transgress 1986-95
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 2 channels).

Campos de Pássaros – Messiaen Revisitado 1994
Collective Composition for ensemble and electronics.

Parcours de l'Entité 1994
1 flutist (flute in C; bass flute in C; alto flute in G),1 percussion player (metal percussion) and electroacoustic sounds (2 channels).

La (Dé)marche sur les Grains 1993
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 2 channels).

A Dialética da Praia 1993
2 percussion players (ca. 70 instruments) and electroacoustic sounds (2 channels).

Contesture IV – Monteverdi altrimenti 1990-93
Trumpet soloist and ensemble (clarinet/bass clarinet, trombone, piano/synthesizer, sopran saxophone, 2 percussion players and 2 tapes (2 channels)).


European phase (from 1986 to 1991)

Ora... 1991
Large orchestra.

La Ricerca Panica di Eco 1991
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 2 channels).

Contesture III – Tempi Reali, Tempo Virtuale 1990
2 pianos and live electronics.

Kontexturen II – Schachspiegel 1989-90
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 3 channels) and slides.

Vertikale Augenblicke in Wien 1989
Trumpet (in B) and bass clarinet (in B).

Contextures I (Hommage à Berio) 1988-89
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 4 channels).

Profils Écartelés 1988
Piano and electroacoustic sounds (4 channels).

PAN: Laceramento della Parola (Omaggio a Trotskij) 1987-88
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece; 4 channels).

Phantom-Wortquelle; Words in Transgress 1986-87
Electroacoustic sounds (acousmatic piece) based exclusively on verbal sounds (4 channels).


Early works (from 1977 to 1986)

PAN 1985-86
Large orchestra
(last movement with electroacoustic sounds - 4 channels).

Confluências 1985
Collective Composition and Improvisation for ensemble and electronics.

Quarteto para o Advento de Novos Tempos 1985
Tenor, viola, bass trombone and synthesizer.

In Memoriam Berg-Bartók 1985
Collective Composition and Improvisation for ensemble and electronics.

Da Contradição ao Antagonismo 1985
2 trombones (tenor and bass).

Pretexturas sobre Todas as Flores da Fala 1984
Soprano, clarinet and bass clarinet (or cello), with 3 optative narrators.

Apologia dos Arquétipos 1984
Contrabass and piano.

Micro-Macro – Liedforma de Amor a Reg 1983
Three micro-trios constituting a macro-trio (piano, violin and viola; French horn, marimba and membranes (percussion); oboe, clarinet and vibraphone).

TransFormantes (I) 1983
String orchestra with piano.

Tudo é relativo neste mundo onde nada mais que a mudança existe de permanente (Trotsky) 1982-83
Piano, viola, flute, trumpet, tenor trombone, vibraphone, xylophone and Glockenspiel.

Crises 1982
Cello and piano.

Variações a Berg 1982
Viola solo.

Bagatela Expressiva – Meditação sobre a Segunda Bagatela Op 9 de Webern 1982
Piano, viola, flute, vibraphone and temple-blocks.

Omni-Direcional 1981
2 pianos.

Contágio (Adagietto) 1981
4 flutes.

Perpetuum Mobile (Estudo da Coincidência entre dois Focos Auditivos) 1980
2 pianos.

Manifesto de um Partir 1980
3 voices (definitive vocal version).

Focalizações sobre uma Série 1980
Prepared piano.

Manifesto de um Partir 1980
Prepared pianos, voices and percussion instruments.

Marcha Nupcial 1979
Piano and tam-tam.

Hamletiano 1978
Tenor, alt, bassoon and piano.

Ciclo de Canções 1977
Voice and piano.



TransLieder 2016-17
"Transcriation" of 11 Songs by Brahms with two interferences, for soprano, alto and orchestra.

Mozart-transcri(a)ções 2015
Transcription of Mozart's Gigue in G Major KV 574 (originally for keyboard), for string orchestra; and "transcriation" of the same piece also for string orchestra.

Wohl schön bewandt 2014
Transcription of Brahms' Lied Op 52, n. 7, Wohl schön bewandt, for piano.

Mille regretz 2013
Transcription of the Renaissance masterpiece by Josquin Desprez for brass quartet.

Adagietto 2004
Transcription of the Adagietto of the Fifth Symphony by Gustav Mahler for piano.

Andante Comodo 2002
Transcription of the first movement of the Ninth Symphony by Gustav Mahler for 2 pianos.

Studie II 1999
CSound realization of the electronic masterpiece by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Rondo (Andante Amoroso) 1980-81
Transcription of the second movement of the Lyrische Suite by Alban Berg (originally for string quartet) for piano.

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