Compositions by Flo Menezes

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TransFormantes V – Poema das Vogais


Youth Choir (6 voices) a cappella.

Based on a poem ("Poema das Vogais") by Philadelpho Menezes (1960-2000), on texts by Florivaldo Menezes (father) (1931- ) and on letters of great composers denoting big financial problems (José Mauricio Nunes Garcia, Arnold Schönberg, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Claudio Monteverdi).

Commissioned by the Emesp (Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo) and written for the Youth Choir of the Projeto Guri.

ca. 13' (spread along an 1 hour concert)

Score of this work as PDF-file (1,2 MB)

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