Compositions by Flo Menezes

[wp = world première]

...donde solo las plantas suenan...
[...wo auch nur Pflanzen rauschen...]


Harp and electronics.

Commission-prize of the Premio Ibermúsicas and realized at the CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras) from Morelia, México.

ca. 16'

wp: at the T-Son 103 concert of the Studio PANaroma on June 27, 2018, at the Music Theater of the Instituto de Artes, State University of São Paulo (Unesp), in São Paulo, performed by Paola Baron (harp) and Flo Menezes (electronics).

World première as described above (40,1 MB)

Watch to the video of the world première.

A studio recording performed by Paola Baron (38,5 MB)

Score of this work as PDF-file (3,4 MB)

Listen to the piece following it with its score clicking here!

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