Compositions by Flo Menezes

[wp = world première]

L'Itinéraire des Résonances


1 flutist, 2 percussion players, electroacoustic sounds (4 channels) and live-electronics.

Realization: Studio PANaroma (Unesp).

Commissioned by Fondation Nestlé (Switzerland) for Verena Bosshart and for Duo Contexto (Eduardo Leandro and Ricardo Bologna).


wp: on November 9, 2001, Institut Jaques-Dalcroze, Genève; Verena Bosshart (flutes), Ricardo Bologna and Eduardo Leandro (percussion), and Flo Menezes (electronics).

Live-recording of a rehearsal in Switzerland for the world première played by Verena Bosshart and by the Duo Contexto (39,5 MB)

A studio recording with Rogério Wolf (flutes) and Eduardo Gianesella and Leonardo Labrada (percussion) (40,3 MB)

Score of this work as PDF-file (1,9 MB)

Listen to the piece following it with its score clicking here!

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